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Pakelo Racing 2TS Kart 20000 rpm


BY GENERAL CONDITIONS OF THE BRAND THIS PRODUCT CANNOT SHOW THE ONLINE PRICE. We can order a Whatsapp at 647610916 Pakelo Racing 2TS K oil, synthetic lubricant with high performance specific for kart of 2 automatic times, kz, rotax refilled by air and water cikfia 17.



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Pakelo Racing 2TS K oil, high performance synthetic lubricant specifically for 2-stroke kart Automatic, kz, rotax refilled by both air and water with approval cik-fia 2017.The tests carried out with this special oil for karting, have demonstrated to the national and international motorist principals, that it is a product of superior quality, that it does not dirty anything the engine of charcoal and remains and in addition for its lubricating and coolant properties improves the power of the engine. The power bench tests prove it.

Racing is one of the highlights of Pakelo products; Formula 1, SuperBike, GranTurismo, FIA GT, Offshore, Raid... Not surprisingly, PAKELO is the supplier of oil and lubricants for FERRARI. But Pakelo also develops a wide variety of high performance lubricants to cover the full range of the market and in all types of engines: cars, motorcycles, nautics, trucks and vans, bus, heavy machinery. Transmission oils: manual or automatic, meeting all the requirements of the T.D.L.concept. Fats and fluids: with resistance to high temperatures, water, high speed.

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